• Latest Cover

    The creative process can at times be grueling. I want to be done. I want to share it now! But I can’t, because it’s not finished. It keeps...

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    Started by Erick

  • High praise for Iphelia

    Erick For the first time,i slowed down and really took the time to savor Iphelia's site instead of skimming thro it as before... and i teared up...

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    Started by Elzy

  • Her Name

    Her Name Iphelia’s name is derived from the name Ophelia. Ophelia means, to know , and to be like a serpent . It...

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    Started by Erick

  • Seven Years

    Seven Years I first met Iphelia about seven years ago. I was facing a major crisis within myself and in my life. I had just written...

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    Started by Erick

  • Dragon Heart

    The Dragon Heart The subconscious mind often communicates to the conscious mind through symbols. This can happen through dreams or through...

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    Started by Erick