The experience of feeling sadness, anger and joy at the same time feels like it's heavy at the bottom, hot in the middle and light at the top.   Deep within there is an underlying sadness that ebbs and flows in waves. It is not permanent, but it is rather choppy. Amidst the unsteady waves there are clouds of energy that feel like unresolved congestion.   Thought is often the catalyst for changing my emotions, and in this case, it led me to experience the unpredictable swirling nature of anger, which is trapped and bubbling up... simmering beneath the surface. I notice that the energy of anger exists, but it does not often receive expression. Often I am in my head trying to analyze what I am feeling. My mind and body dance to this music, causing me to swirl.   Keeping the anger hidden feels contained, but I know that choosing to express it is the only way to release it from my body and dissolve its' power. Finding expression for sadness and anger are the catalyst for change, freeing me to experience other emotions, and ultimately allowing me to love myself and others. Freedom comes from giving myself permission to be seen and heard. Expressing my feelings is medicine for my soul.

Thank you Erick for providing this awesome space to express our feelings! 
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Thank you IAmGr8ful! For this beautiful image and those beautiful teachings!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.”  -Helen Keller

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