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Safety | Release
Beautiful and wise, Linseydidi. Thank you for sharing that teaching!
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Confusion and despair
What a beautiful image and intriguing description of a very challenging experience! Thank you Kristen, for sharing so deeply and articulating it all so well. 
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Thank you Lori, beautiful image, beautiful insight!
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Welcome to the forum!

I want to invite everyone to begin discussions about empathy and all things related to feelings, sensitivity, creativity and self-awareness. Feelings are messengers. They let us know what is happening inside of us and how we feel about what is happening around us. Feelings motivate everything that happens in our lives and in the world. That’s what emotion means. To move what is inward out. To put Energy in Motion. Right now our emotions are motivating the creation of this website, the book and the transmission of the ideas they promote. Everything we experience in our lives is extending from a deeper dimension of experience we can only be aware of through feeling.

Our hope is that more and more of us begin paying attention to that deeper dimension of experience. We want to cause a collective shift. Our feelings are powerful. When enough of us look inward and “clean it up” there can be a change.

Thank you for participating in this forum. Together we can motivate a better feeling world.

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Thank you for sharing Jim. This is a pretty, 'pretty' piece of art! Please don't hesitate to share more!
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Thank you IAmGr8ful! For this beautiful image and those beautiful teachings!
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God Moments
Thank you for sharing that Chrismr. I had a God moment when I was reading your story. I felt a very clear sense of how connected and a part of each other we all are. And I felt directly spoken too and validated in some kind of primordial sense by yours and Heather's need to be practical and make sure things are taken care of for your family. Since having my son (14 months old) I feel more feelings of selflessness and self sacrifice than I have ever felt in my life, even to the point of those feelings becoming anxiety, which I'm sure comes as no surprise to most of us who have children. But I have also felt the need to make sure everything is taken care of before I travel.There is something I truly consider more important than me now. And I don't want to leave. I don't want anything to happen to me, because don't want to miss a thing. But just in case, I want to make sure everything is gonna be okay.
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Fear meets Gratitude
On New Year's Eve I met with the “tester pancake” students to teach the first Iphelia workshop. These students were the first students I had ever taught the personal transformation intensive course too. I was, of course, nervous about how the material would be received. By the time we began the first activity, which was to draw a feeling, my fear was subdued by the gratitude I felt for the group of students eager to learn.
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Thank you Elzy! It might be interesting to see what comes out if you were to attempt to draw the feeling again by yourself, without that fear of committing "out loud." 
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Thank you for this beautiful picture and this beautiful teaching Heather!
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Kristen, thank you for this beautifully detailed image and such an honest description of your experience of it. I'm sure many will benefit from how deeply you have shared. Please don't hesitate to share more of your work with us!
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How to Post Your Feelings Art
This is the place to upload and share visualizations of feelings.


Before you post, please click the back arrow, to go back out from this post. Then click 'New Topic'. Then click the little photo icon above the text box 'Insert Photo' and upload your pic. Then write something about your experience of the image and how you came to feel it.

Please title your post with the name of your feeling or feelings.

When you post an image of a feeling please feel free to share as much as you want about how you came to feel the feeling. We will use the art from this area of the forum to create the gallery on the Iphelia website. Our hope is to create a kind of collective visual experiment. If we get enough images we can use them to develop separate galleries for the different feelings. The galleries can then be used as therapeutic and educational tools, and perhaps one day as qualitative research data helping to explore the commonalities in our subjective experience of different feelings.
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Thank you for that beautiful teaching Ildalucia. And thank you for sharing that beautiful image and feeling!!
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Latest Cover

The creative process can at times be grueling. I want to be done. I want to share it now! But I can’t, because it’s not finished. It keeps showing me more, revealing and revising itself more. Refine that, add this, draw another image, write more, define more, clear this up, cut this out, more white space, less fluff, create an appendix, should there be an index?  And what about the cover? Is this the first impression we want to make? Seven years are at stake!

This whole process has given me a real merry-go-round tour of my own feelings. Hope for what it will be and do, desperation to get it right, and the agony of being so close and needing to pull back and look again, and then look again. Then there’s been the feedback process from clients, students, friends, and the editors. There are times when I just can’t make the change. I won’t! I refuse! It’s the way it should be, just as it is, it has to be, I’m sure of it! And there have been times when I was suggested to do something that I initially met with angry resistance and then a week later--I see it and suddenly it’s become an essential change that makes an incredible improvement, humility. And in the background there are these fears. Fear of all this work bearing no fruit. Fear of failing and curiously, periodic but intensely adrenalized stings of a fear of succeeding. 

Here’s the latest version of the cover. Stay tuned.

book cover.png
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From the book: How to See Feelings

Set your intention. Say out loud three times, “I pay attention to myself,” “I really want to know myself,” “I want to know what I am feeling.”

  1. Slow. Slow down and begin by being present with your body. Be aware of your posture and position. Allow your mental attention to encompass your body, tracing its surface. See if you can focus all of your senses on your body. Notice your breath and beating heart.

  2. Express. Allow the feeling or feelings to move. Let the body move with them. Give the feelings words. What are they saying? What are they doing?

  3. Envision. Visualize what you are feeling. Envision the form and texture and color. Envision the movement of the feeling.

  4. Record. With colored pencils, crayons, or paint, draw it out. Make it visible. Notice what other thoughts, insights and realizations emerge as you draw your feelings. Write them down.


The visualization of our feelings is a window’s view of the truth. A view of our interdependence. A view to what we are really doing and being. Visualizing feelings gives us a window’s view of our abuse, our sacrifice, of our selfish and our selfless. When we learn to allow and observe them, our feelings always tell us what is really happening. Our feelings can even tell us who we really are, and that is everything.

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