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The idea of drawing my feelings felt intimidating and more than a bit scary. I would be committing to it "out loud" so that all could see and that felt pretty vulnerable.

So i chose to focus my attention on drawing how love feels and the picture flowed from there...no right or wrong, just allowing myself to feel in color and put that on paper.

Love feels like a warm embrace;  supporting without constriction, fluid and shape shifting and meeting me where I'm at.

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High praise for Iphelia

For the first time,i slowed down and really took the time to savor Iphelia's site instead of skimming thro it as before... and i teared up with gratitude for what you are offering to the collective energectic universe...

Iphelia may gently lead those who arent yet aware that they are ready....I believe she will show a new way for many and lives will be changed forever.

The love and care in which you have crafted her journey shines through in the glimpses you have shared in the website... and the book isnt even out yet!!!!

Love and light.
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