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Safety | Release

I sketched this just after coming out of breathwork the 4th weekend of PTI 1, so April 30, 2017. I originally called the sketch "Release," but later realized it shows both safety and release—that there is nothing wrong with "being a baby." I spent a lot of time considering my own fertility during PTI, and during this particular session arrived at a deep sense that "Having a child isn't the way to make it [i.e. past wrongs] right."

Loving a child is the way to make it right, whether it is someone else's inner child, another person's child, an adopted child, or a biological child...

"But first myself." Feeling, not just knowing I need to love myself/my inner child first resulted in a great sense of release. The safety of being all by myself in the womb, surrounded by something I don't need to know, that I feel sustaining me every day.

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