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  • Playful

    My name is Ildalucia Garza and I want to share with you my experience with art. But before I do this, I want to thank Erick for providing...

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    Started by Ildalucia in Feelings Art

  • Her Name

    Her Name Iphelia’s name is derived from the name Ophelia. Ophelia means, to know , and to be like a serpent . It...

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    Started by Erick in Iphelia Blog Posts

  • Seven Years

    Seven Years I first met Iphelia about seven years ago. I was facing a major crisis within myself and in my life. I had just written...

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    Started by Erick in Iphelia Blog Posts

  • Connection

    This was done after a breath work session which capped off a weekend work through psychodrama and other modalities. It shows my heart and a...

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    Started by Lori in Feelings Art

  • Strength

    This is called Strong. It's one of the images Iphelia draws after she has felt her anger and found her power. I painted it as I was going through a...

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    Started by Erick in Feelings Art

  • Fear

    Fear, for me, is something that closes in and traps. The nature of it is that i must find a way out, but the feeling of it is that there...

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    Started by Kristen in Feelings Art

  • How to Post Your Feelings Art

    This is the place to upload and share visualizations of feelings. Instructions: Before you post, please click the back arrow, to go back out from...

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    Started by Erick in Feelings Art

  • Latest Cover

    The creative process can at times be grueling. I want to be done. I want to share it now! But I can’t, because it’s not finished. It keeps...

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    Started by Erick in Iphelia Blog Posts

  • Dragon Heart

    The Dragon Heart The subconscious mind often communicates to the conscious mind through symbols. This can happen through dreams or through...

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    Started by Erick in Iphelia Blog Posts

  • Your Art

    When I visited your site, I saw the word strenght and your art. Instantly Archangel Metatron made me aware of his presence. I believe his is embodied...

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    Started by Allerial Songspirer in General

  • Love

    The idea of drawing my feelings felt intimidating and more than a bit scary. I would be committing to it "out loud" so that all could see...

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    Started by Elzy in Feelings Art

  • Anticipation

    Posted a photo

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    Started by Jim in Feelings Art

  • Joy

    When you deny the darker feelings, you also suppress the light.......your light and joy! This picture depicts someone stuck in the box; not stepping...

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    Started by FJ in Feelings Art

  • I Feel Ya Community Code of Conduct

    Welcome to the I Feel Ya!! 'I feel ya' is dedicated to exploring the phenomena of empathy and all things related to feelings, sensitivity,...

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    Started by Erick in General

  • God Moments

    So this is going to be more of a story than a regular post, so take a pass or read when you can take five minutes for a beverage and a load off your...

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    Started by Chrismr in General

  • From the book: How to See Feelings

    Set your intention. Say out loud three times, “I pay attention to myself,” “I really want to know myself,” “I want to know what I am...

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    Started by Erick in Feelings Art

  • High praise for Iphelia

    Erick For the first time,i slowed down and really took the time to savor Iphelia's site instead of skimming thro it as before... and i teared up...

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    Started by Elzy in Iphelia Blog Posts

  • Thanks

    The book is almost done. I've been saying that for over a year now. And it's a good thing I believed that because knowing what I know now it would...

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    Started by Erick in News

  • Safety | Release

    I sketched this just after coming out of breathwork the 4th weekend of PTI 1, so April 30, 2017. I originally called the sketch "Release,"...

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    Started by linseydidi in Feelings Art

  • Confusion and despair

    I had set out to draw my despair, and I have labeled this feeling image as confusion and despair, but this image is actually complex and tells...

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    Started by Kristen in Feelings Art

  • Head feeling/social anxiety

    I doodled this one out while spending some time just being with a very dear friend. It was community, and yet here I was still feeling in my...

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    Started by Kristen in Feelings Art

  • Fear meets Gratitude

    On New Year's Eve I met with the “tester pancake” students to teach the first Iphelia workshop. These students were the first students I...

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    Started by Erick in Feelings Art

  • Freedom

    The experience of feeling sadness, anger and joy at the same time feels like it's heavy at the bottom, hot in the middle and light at the...

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    Started by IamGr8ful in Feelings Art

  • Welcome to the forum!

    I want to invite everyone to begin discussions about empathy and all things related to feelings, sensitivity, creativity and self-awareness....

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    Started by Erick in Welcome

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